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More than 80 percent of Republicans still approve of Trump

The latest polling on President Trump, conducted after the riots that overran the Capitol, show President Trump is still wildly popular with Republicans.

According to the YouGov poll¬†of U.S. adults, taken January 10-12, 82 percent of Republicans view Trump favorably, including 57 percent who give him a “very favorable” review. Only 16 percent have an unfavorable opinion of him.

Among independents, 38 percent say they views Trump positively, while 56 percent view him unfavorably. That tracks the numbers among all adults polled, with 39 percent saying they have a favorable view of Trump compared to 58 percent who view him unfavorably. No surprise, 93 percent of Democrats do not like Trump.

Nevertheless, 40 percent of Republicans polled said Trump bore at least a little responsibility for the Capitol takeover, while 53 percent said he bore none.

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  1. Axios poll 1-13-21 92% of people who voted Republican want Trump to continue to fight the stolen you know what… & they don’t have a MAGA reputation by a long shot

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