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CNN’s Don Lemon suggests Trump voters are aligned with the KKK

The effort on the Left and in the mainstream media to cancel not only President Trump but his voters continues.

From remarks CNN’s Don Lemon made during a conversation with fellow CNN anchor Chris Cuomo:

“You’re in the crowd who voted for Trump. If you voted for Trump you voted for the person who the Klan supported. You voted for the person who Nazis support. You voted for the person who the alt-right supports. That’s the crowd that you are in. You voted for the person who incited a crowd to go into the Capitol and potentially take the lives of lawmakers. Took the lives of police officers. Took the lives of innocent lives who were there on the Capitol that day.”

7 thoughts on “CNN’s Don Lemon suggests Trump voters are aligned with the KKK”

    1. Why haven’t they been cancelled or fired? That’s a good question, a question I’ve been asking myself for at least 4 1/2 yrs when Trump first ran for President. They should have been cancelled or fired a while back; the spewing of their continuous mean-spirited rhetoric encourages and promotes the worst of human behavior.

    2. Jake Tapper – once a respected actual journalist who now questions the loyalty of a veteran who lost both legs serving our country’s interests, What the heck is wrong with these people, are they really stone deaf to what they say and what it means?

      Who are Lemon and Tapper following now- Biden and his criminal family, or is it still Obama and his band of left-wing terrorists? Are they loyal to these people so much they would insult millions of their fellow Americans without any concern?

  1. KKK Nazis Alt-right. Would be killers.
    Let’s see…..I voted for the Clintons. Known racists, liars, rapists, and baby killers.
    I voted for Johnson. Known war-monger, racist, and crook
    In fact, I voted for a lot of people who turned out to be less than they claimed to be, sometimes they were downright awful .
    I have yet to see any “Klan” racist attitudes in the Trumps, certainly there is no kind of “Nazi” thinking in the whole family, and they believe in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death, so I think the people who try to paint MrTrump, his supporters and voters as awful people are confused by the actions of other people, namely the Dems, et al.

  2. HAHAHA! I have been called a “RACIST!” since 2008 when I opposed true racist, stuck-up, not-smart ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ :-(

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