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Video || Trump says impeachment is “causing tremendous anger”

But it’s alleviating House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s anger. And it’s the Democrats’ way of uniting the country: Impeach a president who is wildly popular with Republicans.

The House tonight will first vote on a resolution calling on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment. Which he won’t do.

President Trump spoke today as he left for Texas to tout the progress his administration made building a wall with Mexico.

7 thoughts on “Video || Trump says impeachment is “causing tremendous anger””

  1. I can’t help but think this second impeachment attempt should be viewed as a badge of honor. The SWAMP’S cards are fully revealed. If Trump hadn’t been elected, we’d all continue to be suspicious of the deep state, while giving them the benefit of the doubt. Not now!!!

    1. I now openly DESPISE all memebers of “The Swamp”…especially national ‘media’…and 99.6% of the all God Damn politicians serving today; both hate-filled Democrat & cowardly Republican :-(

  2. That is the expectation that Pence will not agree to work with Pelosi and invoke the 25th amendment. Trump is absolutely correct with respect to what he said about Big Tech which is something he had been predicting if corrective action was not taken. Trump is correct (as usual) that Pelosi’s twisted attempt for a second impeachment is causing a lot of anger. Trump has a knack for saying and exposing things that the Establishment, the Elite don’t want the average, hard working American to know. Perhaps this is the reason they want to destroy him and, if in the process of destroying Trump it does great damage to our country, then so be it. They don’t care; their power and control must be maintained at all costs.

  3. I am not “angry”…I AM F&%#ING FURIOUS!! at the Double Standards being used for this US Capitol ‘incident’…

    Everyone in the local-national media, local-state-federal law enforcement want/Demand! the names & ID of everyone who protested at the Capitol last week…multiple “Task Forces” hunting down all the mostly peaceful protesters from the ‘Save The Vote rally’.
    Over the summer I saw NO ONE in the media or even law enforcement try to track down, identify, investigate or arrest any of the terrorists of BLM or Antifa who rioted, looted, burned & murdered in so many American cities over summer 2020.

    1. Yes, we are witnessing tactics in America used by repressive regimes, that is, brutally hunt down and prosecute those who don’t align with your agenda (Trump and his supporters) but ignore those who support your agenda (antifa, looters, BLM etc). It’s enough to make the decent hard working American’s blood boil!

    2. I’m outraged as well. Of course there should be one system of blind justice in America. Unfortunately, now we’ve moved from two unequal systems to four: (1) Easy justice for the rich, (2) Hard justice for the poor, and now (3) Easy justice for liberals, and (4) Hard justice for conservatives. If liberals could, the capital hill rioters would be marched to the guillotine. Scary.

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