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Trump warns Biden on 25th Amendment: “Be careful what you wish for”

How long do you think it will take Kamala Harris to round up enough Cabinet members to declare Joe Biden mentally unfit?

From remarks in Alamo, Texas near the Mexican border.

3 thoughts on “Trump warns Biden on 25th Amendment: “Be careful what you wish for””

  1. During the “campaign”, Kamala did say, on camera ” … in a Harris administration”. Shortly after that Biden said ” … in a Harris, Biden administration”. Also, when Pelosi set up the 25th Amendment Commission, she said it applies to any President, current and future. Biden also said on camera if there is an irreconcilable difference between him and a VP Harris, that he would come down with some sort of illness and step down. So, there were indications that the ultimate goal is to have extremist Kamala sit in the Oval Office. (Everybody – except those who only watch CNN and the like – is aware of Biden’s cognition problems ). A Kamala in the Oval Office will ensure the destruction of our country as established and envisioned by out Founders.

  2. Excuse the expression, but Biden is the “useful idiot” for the Dems. He comes off as the elderly nice guy statesman with moderate views. That is not how this board sees him but the average voter sees that. So, if Biden plays ball with the new admin and their agenda, they will keep ol’ Joe as the face of their administration. Roll him out, make a few scripted comments, and retreat to watch QVC in the residence.


    1. H, I agree with you. “Joe” better stay in line otherwise suffer the consequences. I also agree that the average voter sees that. That is why they did not “elect” Biden/Kamala. But who the voters elect means nothing when the opposing party engages in shenanigans with ballots to achieve the result they want.

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