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House GOP leader McCarthy open to censure, won’t tell Republicans to oppose impeachment

So what’s going on here? If you censure the president, then you are saying that he bears some responsibility for the riot on Capitol Hill. If that is true, then you may as well impeach him.

Seems like Republican leaders are ready to accept the idea that President Trump caused the riot. The GOP establishment, which includes Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, is using the riot to reassert itself with Trump on the way out.

According to Fox News:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is open to censuring President Trump, a source familiar with his thinking told Fox News Tuesday.

Censure is a formal reprimand or statement of disapproval. The House has three formal modes of discipline: reprimand, censure and expulsion.

A separate source told Fox News on Monday that Trump told McCarthy, R-Calif., that he bears some of the blame for the Capitol riot last week during a conversation with the House GOP leader.

McCarthy’s openness to censure comes as House Democrats are set to consider an article of impeachment against Trump Wednesday morning on the House floor which claims Trump incited insurrection on Jan. 6.

Two House Republican sources told Fox News Tuesday that GOP leadership will not lobby members to vote against Trump’s impeachment, calling it a “conscience vote for members.”

“I don’t believe it will be whipped,” one senior Republican aide said.

4 thoughts on “House GOP leader McCarthy open to censure, won’t tell Republicans to oppose impeachment”

  1. All trying to save their political hides. Bunch of cowards. This is what we are left with post-Trump. Same $hit, different day.

  2. We condemn the violence we saw last week just as we condemn the violence in our cities that we have seen for the last few years. That being said, GOP elected members are turning weak kneed. Voters should remember this moment and exact their will next election day.


  3. Inciting riot & insurrection requires words & deed. A sitting POTUS’ public comments and actions are all recorded.
    The video of any such incitement would be a 24hr loop on every media outlet in the country, and should be.
    I have yet to see it. Anywhere. In fact, the media is not referring to any of Trump’s speech on 01/06.
    Seems odd.

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