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Trump Schedule || Tuesday, January 12, 2021

President Trump will depart at 10:00 am ET to deliver remarks near the border in the Alamo area of Texas.

5 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Tuesday, January 12, 2021”

  1. Just to be clear, because I guess there’s been some confusion. that is at the TOWN of Alamo… not near “The Alamo” Mission. The town is on the border with Mexico, where he will tour some of the new Wall that he has built, according to Congress’s 2006 Mandate (which was thereafter undermined by GOP Congresswoman Kay Bailey Ptttuuuuiiiiiiii Hutchinson and her fellow travelers). The mission where Davy Crockett et al fought is in San Antonio, a long ways away.

  2. May President Trump have a good and safe day in Alamo, Texas where he can see one of his great accomplishments in spite of all the huge obstacles. It’s an accomplishment I greatly appreciate having once lived in Texas and seeing the huge negative drain on our country by illegals. I believe in immigration but it has to be LEGAL immigration. I only pray now that the horrible Biden/kamela mob will NOT proceed to tear down the wall.

  3. Yes, you can tell the difference between a citizen of Mexican descent and a newly arrived illegal. You can tell the way they dress and act. You can see they are uncomfortable.

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