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CNN pulls Jim Acosta from the White House

It doesn’t matter. CNN will  just be replacing one group of liberals for another. None of them will be asking Joe Biden the kinds of questions they asked President Trump. In part, because they’re never going to see Biden, and Trump gave a press conference every day.

According to Deadline:

CNN announced a series of changes to its Washington, D.C., lineup on Monday, with Jake Tapper’s The Lead expanding to two hours and Tapper taking on the role as lead anchor for all major Washington events.

Meanwhile, Dana Bash has been named co-anchor of the Sunday morning program State of the Union with Tapper.

Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta will switch to anchor and chief domestic correspondent for the network, with more details on his weekend anchoring duties to be announced. Kaitlan Collins will be the new chief White House correspondent, with Phil Mattingly as senior White House correspondent.

Abby Phillip will become anchor of Inside Politics Sunday with Abby Phillip from 8 AM and 9 AM ET, with the show scheduled to launch on Jan. 24. She also has been named the network’s senior political correspondent. John King will continue to host Inside Politics with John King on weekdays and serve as chief national correspondent.

Pamela Brown will anchor CNN Newsroom on Saturdays and Sundays from 6 AM ET to 9 AM ET, starting on Jan. 23, and serve as senior Washington correspondent for CNN.

Wolf Blitzer’s The Situation Room will now air for an hour at 6 PM ET.

Other assignments announced: Arlette Saenz, Jeremy Diamond, John Harwood, MJ Lee and Kate Bennett will all be correspondents covering the White House, and they will be joined by Kevin Liptak and Jasmine Wright. Jeff Zeleny will be chief national affairs correspondent and also will cover the first year of the Biden White House.

3 thoughts on “CNN pulls Jim Acosta from the White House”

    1. Trump is correct when he says CNN is the enemy of the people. Any entity that spews out anger and hostility, manipulates news to conform to their agenda and hides news they don’t want people to hear is indeed the enemy of the people. I’ve never watched CNN (I don’t have cable). I stopped checking out on my laptop.

  1. FOX has announced moves of certain people, too.
    They seem to be outraged at the Dem’s attitude toward “Trump supporters” and CNN’s announced intent to remove the whole channel from the airwaves.
    Too little, too late.

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