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Trump will not attend Biden inauguration

President Trump Friday tweeted that he will not attend Joe Biden’s inauguration. That was kind of expected. The question is, what will he be doing that day? Quietly golfing, or holding a rally?

Vice President Pence has indicated he will be at the inauguration. Biden said he welcomed Trump’s decision not to attend, but that he would be glad to have Pence there.

8 thoughts on “Trump will not attend Biden inauguration”

  1. I have to ask myself what prompted Trump to do this. Was it his personal decision to not attend or was he told by the Biden/Kamala team that he is not invited, to stay away. I believe the latter is a real possibility for that is how mean-spirited these people are. Non-attendance would then give the MSM another opportunity to demonize Trump by declaring he has no respect for one of our most highly cherished Americans traditions, Inauguration. By contrast, you will hear bias and hypocrisy at its highest levels when the MSM mob praises Saints Biden and Kamala as Saviors of our Nation, as peace-bringers. Funny, they created all this hate and chaos, accused Trump of it and, after eliminating our President Trump, will declare that they have now brought “peace”.

  2. There was one report that he planned to go to his golf course in Scotland on the 19th. I wonder how they will handle the situation with the football (The man who has the codes if a nuclear attack happens).

    Three other presidents did not attend their successor’s Inauguration. John Adams (Jefferson), John Quincy Adams (Monroe) and Andrew Johnson (Grant).

    Only one president was sworn in by a woman. LBJ (Federal Judge Sarah Hughes).

  3. If you were Trump, considering all the BS thrown at him and his supporters for the past 4+ years, would you go? Hell no. Good call on Trumps part. I could give two shits about decorum, tradition, what have you, 45 and his supporters just wanted a simple audit. Maybe a audit of voting machines will show Biden won fair and square. The results of said independent audit will make all the difference in the world.

  4. They wouldn’t want him there and for him to go adds legitimacy that Xiden doesn’t deserve. I don’t think any of the Trump Administration should go. Especially with all the censorship crap.

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