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Several White House aides quit

They’ve stayed with President Trump through everything and benefited from being in the White House, and at this point they decide to quit. Suddenly they think they are making “principled decisions.”

They will now lose favor among backers of President Trump, but they will also never be accepted by polite society, because they worked for him. So they get nothing.

According to Fox News:

With just two weeks left before the Trump administration vacates Washington D.C., some staffers are resigning in protest after demonstrations breached the U.S. Capitol Wednesday by protesters following a speech by President Trump

White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews, East Wing Chief of Staff Stephanie Grisham, and Social Secretary Rickie Niceta all submitted their resignations after pro-Trump supporters mobbed the U.S. Capitol building to stop Congress from certifying the Electoral College votes.

Late Thursday morning, a senior administration official told Fox News that Matt Pottinger, deputy national security adviser, resigned Wednesday afternoon as a result of the president’s actions and the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Mick Mulvaney — special envoy to Northern Ireland and President Trump’s former chief of staff — on Thursday also resigned, telling CNBC: “I can’t stay here.”

“I was honored to serve in the Trump administration and proud of the policies we enacted. As someone who worked in the halls of Congress, I was deeply disturbed by what I saw today. I’ll be stepping down from my role, effective immediately,” Matthews told Fox News Wednesday night. “Our nation needs a peaceful transfer of power.”

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  1. These are tragic, sad, dark days in our Republic. May God help us Americans who value our faith, family and country to endure this brutal attack on our values and culture.

  2. It is crazy to see just how many disloyal and weak-kneed people are working at high levels in our government. And yet, so often they are able to use their social contacts to stay in high positions.

  3. “…polite society.” : what the heck is that? The rabid Dems who hate America and the Americans who keep it going? Maybe , it’s the MSM figures who disgrace themselves with lies, distortions, and unbridled hatred of anyone who supports the POTUS.
    Let them resign. Their resignations only delay and confuse the transfer of power in the WhiteHouse.
    Yesterday’s events in DC should have been considered as a “peaceful protest” in relation to the other “peaceful protests” that we’ve watched over the last few years.
    No buildings were set on fire, no looting of private property was alleged, no statues were toppled, and no innocent bystander was assailed by anyone.
    The assumed intent of the people who mobbed the Capital building was to stop the certification of Biden’s Electoral votes that millions believe were invalid. Votes were stolen, votes were presented that weren’t true, and there is no denying that there was fraud committed.

  4. SRDEM65, well said.

    Notice how the Tea Party was treated by Obama, Lois Lerner, and Democrats several years ago. They pretty much made them disappear. BLM and Antifa are still out causing trouble with no problems.

    The people who resigned they’ll just make it to their next gig a few days earlier than expected.

  5. Maybe this protest will open the eyes of congress. All they wanted was some transparency in the voting process, have some court look at evidence, maybe an audit of voting machines (not the same as a recount), etc. Nothing like that has happened, despite the media saying election fraud claims are ‘baseless’. Give me a break. The left protests for everything they want and it’s patriotic. But hold on a sec, you right-wingers, they are the MOB who storm the capital. None of the Kavanaugh protesters who invaded the same building were excoriated? Were they? Short memories our precious so called news media have, eh?

    1. Tim, it’s not only short memories but hypocrisy at its most shameless form. Perhaps extreme right wingers were involved in this mêlée but I would not rule out antifa involvement. They knew this would play right into hands of the hypocritical MSM. I am not ready to conclude that it was ONLY right wingers involved; I just don’t have al the facts. If antifa was actually involved, I can assure you that social media, big Tech and the hypocritical MSM will not report it.

  6. And now, even some on the right are going wobbbly and saying Wednesday was a bridge too far.

    I disagree. Maybe I’ve spent too much time reviewing Persona 5, what with its sequel out next month.

    Persona 5, if you don’t know, is a video game for the PS4. I can’t summarize it without spoiling anything, but there is one theme that runs all the way through it. And that is, the idea of doing what you know is right, even if means doing the “wrong” thing; or, put another way, that sometimes you have to be bad, in order to stand against an even greater evil.

    That, I contend, is what we saw yesterday.

    We who remember the Cold War, know the body count of the evil, tyrannical ideology that we will be unequally yoked to, less than two weeks hence, against our consent.

    We who can see, know that there are too many nations whose liberty only endures, so long as it is protected by our own.

    We who can think beyond the next news cycle, understand that if America falls, other nations will lose their own freedom.

    We see that black tile lineup, a thousand in a row. And if the beginning one topples, one by one, they’ll start to go. We know how dominoes fall. And we know that when these dominoes are nations, that the scale of destruction and death which will follow, could well be beyond human comprehension.

    We also know that we will only have the strength in numbers to oppose this, until the evil ones believe they can get away with bringing Mittelbau to Middle America.

    Not on our watch. We will die on our feet, before we live on our knees.

    1. Everything your wrote, Darkangel, I believe is true. I am 72 and I well remember the rough days we, as a nation, have gone through but which we overcame. What’s going on now is the worst I’ve seen and we (and the rest of the free world) is in grave danger. I pray we live on our knees, not die on our feet. For if we die on our feet, the world will see destruction and suffering not seen since WWII for there will be nothing to stop China and Russia in obtaining their goal – world dominance and control

  7. I am a Canadian. I love President Trump, and am horrified and so disgusted by the way he has been vilified by the Democrats and the MSM. Anyone who actually believes that Biden received more votes than the President is a moron. One has only to see the pictures and videos of Trump’s rallies to know that he won by a landslide. The massive turnout of Trump’s supporters at Capital Hill proved he is the man the people want as their President.

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