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Barr accuses Trump of betraying his office

All these people are suddenly deciding President Trump is no longer fit to be president, after months and years of serving at his pleasure – and pleasurably serving.

“Orchestrating a mob to pressure Congress is inexcusable,” former Attorney General William Barr said in a statement. “The President’s conduct yesterday was a betrayal of his office and supporters.”

Barr had long been a “respected” member of the Washington establishment. Now he’s thinking maybe he made a mistake joining Trump and fighting for the principles that have upheld our country for centuries.

12 thoughts on “Barr accuses Trump of betraying his office”

  1. The over dramatization is breathtaking.

    The people have a right to boo. Like the fans that paid for their tickets get to boo their team. Basically a small minority of the peaceful rallygoers got overzealous and committed nothing more than glorified trespassing. No property damage. No violence (not including the government employee that incompetently killed a girl).

    They were taking selfies with the statues in statuary hall (which they revere, which is more than I can say about the pols). Also they were chanting USA, USA. I thought they just came from the Olympic hockey game against the Russians. All in all, lots of good fun. Pretty much a class trip to the nations capital.

  2. It’s mind boggling that people like Barr and others have easily accepted MSM blatant accusations that Trump was the cause of the mob attack. We really don’t know who was involved in the mob attack. Was it only far right extremists, if in fact, far right extremists were involved? Were extreme left extremists (antifa) involved for they knew the outcome of this mob attack. The MSM narrative and objective along with antifa (if involved) has worked beyond their wildest dreams. Please keep Trump in your prayers. He’s going through a lot. In his speech to the hundreds of thousands at the rally/march, he emphasized a peaceful demonstration. In his tweeter short video (which has been deleted by Tweeter), he re-emphasize peace and he said he understands the agony of the American people of what is happening. Although he didn’t say it, Trump must also be going through the same agony. So, please keep him in your prayers/meditations.

  3. Strange, how some of those “protesters” in D.C. looked so much like those who were bashing windows in Portland, Chicago, New York and several other places earlier in the year. They even had arm and knee pads on to better enable break-ins. Hmmmm!

  4. The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of ‘tyrants’ =(most of the Idiots, Morons, Criminals & Scumbags of todays US Congress.)

    1. L Spook – Not only Congressmen but their enablers as well …. MSM, “woke” college professors, the Establishment, “brain-washed” young people, politically correctness fanatics, social media, U S Flag burners and the like. Their behavior can only be described as arrogant, condescending, undisciplined, vicious, unethical, hyper-hypocrites, anti-American to add a few more descriptors to the ones you identified.

  5. Oh my god, reading your comments. Your a group with no common sense. There were deaths, this was a federal crime, trump encouraged these people: then abandoned them. You are all so in love with trump you’re willing to turn a cheek to criminal activity. Imagine if this was a BLM protest, you would be frothing at the mouth for justice. Instead, its just a group of PATRIOTS. I remember reading this website years ago while in college. Its become little more than a Radicalized Trump hovel.

    Tell me why Trump supporters are giving themselves to him? Learn to lean on your own judgement. Don’t blindly follow a person. Its dangerous in any political party.

    1. Derek,
      Trump didn’t do a damn thing to encourage them, read his remarks. Then grow a pair and quit believing everything you hear or read in the MSM.

    2. Derek,
      Why do you so blindly and willingly accept what the mainstream news media would have you believe? y They do this by twisting and manipulating the facts and many just accept what is fed to them without question. Critical thinking skills are a lost art in today’s society. Trump doesn’t always say the right things and makes mistakes, but he has owned up to this and honestly cares about America and her Constitution as well as the hard working Americans. If you would take some time to watch videos from Jan. 6th, you would know that this was an inside job to make Trump and his supporters look bad. There are a lot of facts that point to this being an inside job. Either way, I think most Americans will agree that it should not have been able to take place. If everyone would focus on the goal of preserving our freedoms and seeking the truth rather than just being right and have real intellectual conversations, we might just get somewhere. Criticizing eachother and trying to point out every wrong someone has ever done is immature and childish. We all need to get some wisdom and grow up. If we could find some common ground and go from there with only good intentions. There are many controversial issues that face America today. I think that most of us could say that we want to see more love, kindness and compassion. We can all mostly agree that we want peace on Earth. Derek I would encourage all to stop stereotyping “Trump Supporters” and lumping them into this idea that the mainstream news media has worked so hard to have you believe. I am guilty of stereotyping Democrats. Truth is though, if we take politics out of it, we all have a lot more in common then we realize. No one wants to be controlled or have our rights to think independently taken away from us. It is a scary world out there and evil forces must go. It is a spiritual war and we all need to get off the fence and decide if we are on the good side or the evil side. I know most of us would choose love over hate. If you are going to hate, hate what is evil. You can pick me apart and call me whatever names or say whatever insults to bring me down, but spreading hurt and pain is not the answer.

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