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Twitter locks Trump’s account for 12 hours

I don’t get it exactly. His tweets were calling for peace. Sure, he mentioned he thought the election was stolen, but that’s his view. Does the president have the right to a view about the election?

5 thoughts on “Twitter locks Trump’s account for 12 hours”

  1. Twitter does not care what anyone’s rights are.

    I’ve never used Twitter, and now I don’t use Facebook. I am on MeWe and GAB. MeWe will be good for personal use if people I know ever join, because it is very private, and they don’t manipulate what shows in the feed as much as the big guys do. Parler won’t allow registration without using your phone, and I don’t have a smart phone so I can’t use them.
    GAB is more like Facebook, which makes it hard to me to see posts by my real friends because it is too full of re-posts and comments, but it is big enough for influencers to get a lot of coverage. For instance, I get to see the things the President posts on his Twitter/Facebook accounts when someone pastes them onto GAB.

  2. What Tweeter did is what is done in countries such as Russia, China and Venezuela. Tweeter has total control as to what people can or cannot read/hear and they know they can get away with it so they do it, shamelessly and recklessly. They are arrogant extremists who don’t value the principles upon which our country was founded nor what our Constitution guarantees. If Biden had tweeted the same message, you can bet your bottom dollar Tweeter would be just fine with it, after all, what’s wrong about a message on peace? Welcome to a dictatorial environment in America.

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