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Trump pressures Pence to reject certification of electoral votes

Stories appeared early in the evening Tuesday saying that Vice President Pence had told President Trump that he had no power to act when the Senate counts the votes Wednesday. Trump early Wednesday morning remarked that he thought otherwise.

Trump earlier claimed he and Pence were “in total agreement” that the vice president “has the power to act” and block certification of the presidential election results.

3 thoughts on “Trump pressures Pence to reject certification of electoral votes”

  1. Mr. Vice President,
    Please do the right thing and act upon this matter, your country needs you at this moment. This is your time!

  2. If Vice President Pence is truly a Christian, he will do what is right to preserve this country and prevent Godless Liberals from stealing our vote.

  3. Pence has turned his back against our President and to all of us who love our country, our Constitution and all the goodness our country stands for. An unfortunate event that will have negative consequences to our country. Sad and tragic.

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