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Trump says country headed toward “communism” under Democratic Senate

President Trump Monday said a Democratic Senate would put the country on the road to socialism and, eventually, communism.

“The people of Georgia will be at the mercy of the left-wing socialist communist Marxist, and that’s where it’s going. You know we don’t like to use the word communist,” Trump said during a rally for Republican Georgia Senate candidates Sen. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

“How about the press live in a mob back there — look at all of them. How about the press? Boy, that’s a lot of press, but you know they’ve gone silent,” he continued. “So they went to stone, cold, silent, Big Tech, the fake news media. They go silent anymore, they don’t talk about it and that is the beginning of communism. That’s exactly what happens because I think they hate our country and they despise Georgia values, and I think a lot of you despise them.”

Trump also during the speech pressured Vice President Pence to be supportive of efforts to prevent certification of the Electoral College vote when Congress meets Wednesday to handle the matter. Pence will preside over the Senate during the session.

And the president said that in 18 months, he will campaign against Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, presumably in a Republican primary. Trump has been frustrated the Georgia GOP leaders have not moved to overturn the election result in the state.

1 thought on “Trump says country headed toward “communism” under Democratic Senate”

  1. Trump is right. I believe that our country will have significant characteristics similar to Communism and other non-Communist dictatorships if the Democrats take control of House, Senate and White House. Some of these characteristics are (1) a main stream press that publishes only what the Elites want you to hear and suppress that which they don’t want you to hear (2) rig elections to get results they want (3) teach (brainwash) citizens, specially the young, the evilness of our country (4) “restructure” the judicial system so it ceases to be a check on the ruling class (5) start attacking religious organizations and people of faith and (6) support the existence of “thugs” who will continue to harass, humiliate those with a different point of view. Our enemies, Russia, China, Iran and others will be happy. People who left countries such as Venezuela and Russia know what I am talking about. God help us if the Democrats obtain the total control they’ve always dreamed of.

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