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Video || Pence gets behind effort in Congress to probe election fraud

Well, he’d better, if he wants any chance at Trump voters in 2024. And he’s Trump’s vice president. This is what he signed up for.

3 thoughts on “Video || Pence gets behind effort in Congress to probe election fraud”

  1. It appears that non of the Republicans are on the same page. One thing one day, another thing tomorrow. Still waiting for Rudy G.’s big new that he was going to put our last week after his trip to see Trump in Florida. In my opinion Rudy G. has been a huge disappointment in the election fraud challenges representing President Trump.

  2. Even Trump knows the election isn’t going to be turned over, but I am pleased there are as many representatives and senators who will at least highlight issues and step forward. You know that some of the news channels won’t cover the hearings, but enough will. Listened to Greg Gutfield the other night – he and his guests pretty much agreed that the average person in this country has been awakened by the lackluster, self serving elected class and people aren’t going to sit back as we have done for years – the average person is more engaged than ever. Love him or hate him – Trump brought that to the forefront. They really don’t care about you unless you are part of the elite, awoken, etc.

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