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Trump returns early to Washington from West Palm Beach

Nobody seems to be sure why he is coming back early. He’s skipping the New Year’s party at Mar-a-Lago.

I guess I’d be a little mad if I bought a $1,000 ticket or whatever it is, but I’m sure the food will still be great.

I can say one thing. I certainly don’t remember Barack Obama ever cutting a vacation short. Or even working on vacation, which Trump routinely does.

4 thoughts on “Trump returns early to Washington from West Palm Beach”

  1. Obama never worked or cut short a vacation. I believe Obama’s focus was on helping shady foreigners and didn’t care much about average hard working Americans. On the foreign front, Obama focused on helping Iran, cozying up to Cuba’s dictators, freeing potential terrorists at Quantanamo, helping illegals enter our country and letting China steal our intellectual property not to mention our wealth. On the domestic front, Obama called average, hard working Americans as “clinging to their religion and guns”. As to the economy, he said constant annual 2% growth is the “new norm”. He allowed jobs to be transferred to China. Obama initiated and promoted identity politics. In my opinion, Obama was the worst president in my life time (I am 72)

  2. I, for one, preferred when “The Big O” spent all of his time vacationing. It meant he was doing less to destroy the country. I expect (and hope for) Biden to spend most of his presidency looking for his car keys, even though he doesn’t drive anywhere.

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