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Video || Taiwanese, Japanese citizens rally overseas for Trump

Would I be wrong to say you can see more American flags at these rallies than you would at the average rally for a Democratic politician?

Do progressives sing “God Bless America” on their way to events?

These Japanese and Taiwanese Trump supporters know that the tough current U.S. president is much better protection from China than the China appeasers who will dominate the Biden administration.

3 thoughts on “Video || Taiwanese, Japanese citizens rally overseas for Trump”

  1. This should be an inspiration to all of us here, in our support for President Trump. Thank you to Taiwan, Japan and to the people in Hong Kong for standing in solidarity with us.

  2. I can attest to the support that people, not only from the above mentioned countries, but from through out the world support Trump because of Trump’s stance against China. I travel frequently to Ghana, Africa to spend time with my grandkids. My son-in-law owns a restaurant to which foreigners from all over the world who live in Ghana go to dine. I’ve talked to many of them (I speak 4 languages in addition to English). They all praise Trump for his stance against China. The one fellow from Taiwan was specially passionate about his support for Trump. In Ghana, one sees signs everywhere (in Chinese and English) of a significant number of Chinese “enterprises”. The people of Ghana know that the Chinese are up to no good and they don’t appreciate it. But their corrupt government allows this to happen; with corrupt Biden and his band, it appears this will now happen in America. China, the world’s greatest enemy as well as ours, is well pleased.

  3. Good for Taiwan and Japan! But isn’t it rather sad, that President Trump is supported more by these people than by some people in his own country?

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