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Experts expect stock market to plummet under Biden

Massive regulation. Huge tax increases. Wealth redistribution.  What could go wrong?

According to the Washington Examiner:

Dozens of business experts believe the economy will falter after President-elect Joe Biden assumes office.

In a survey conducted by CNBC, more than 100 chief investment officers, portfolio managers, and CNBC contributors were asked if the Biden administration would benefit the stock market more than the Trump administration. Two-thirds of those surveyed said that they expected stocks to take a tumble.

The expected economic downturn follows years of record-setting growth. President Trump recently praised the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s milestone high of 30,000 in a surprise press conference at the White House.

7 thoughts on “Experts expect stock market to plummet under Biden”

    1. I am so, so tired & worn out & bitter from all the Left-wing/Progressive/Democrat HATE from the last 4 years…

      At this point…I say let America go to Hell under this senile Biden & his regime.

    1. I believe there are enough indications to say that this election was stolen from Trump and, by extension, from us the American people who voted for Trump. Yes, some people voted for senile Biden but the majority of people wanted Trump back. The Establishment worked hard to steal the election and they apparently are getting away with it. It is a sad … and tragic … situation for our country and to all of us who love our country.

  1. My close friend investor advisor tells me Wall Street is banking ( pun intended) on Georgia going to the GOP. That will in effect block any huge swing to the far left for the next few years. But if that fails, hold on to your 401k.


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