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Supreme Court set to hear Trump Pa. challenge AFTER Inauguration Day

That makes sense. Also, doctors are going to start performing emergency surgery after their patients have died.

According to Fox News:

The latest Trump campaign appeal to the Supreme Court won’t see any action from the justices until after the inauguration.

The justices this week set a reply deadline for Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar and the other respondents named in the case of Jan. 22. The campaign had asked for the Supreme Court to order those on the other side of the litigation to respond by Wednesday and have reply briefs from the Trump campaign submitted by Thursday. It also asked the court to rule by Jan. 6. But the court did not oblige.

This means that by the time Boockvar and the others the Trump campaign is seeking to take to the Supreme Court even respond to the petition, President-elect Joe Biden will already be sworn in.

At that point, the court could simply decline to hear the case, saying it is moot or impossible for them to resolve at that point.

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  1. The Supreme Court won’t hear the matter till after the inauguration, but then they’ll rule that they cannot overturn the inauguration because Democrats will riot. What a bunch of spineless cowards, why do we even have courts?

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