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Giuliani heads to Palm Beach to meet with Trump, plan next election challenge steps

According to the Washington Examiner:

Rudy Giuliani says he is ready to plan next steps for the fight to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

The former New York City mayor traveled to Palm Beach, Florida, on Wednesday night, as did President Trump, who is staying at his private club, Mar-a-Lago, for the Christmas holiday.

Upon exiting the airport, Giuliani said he was in town for talks about legal challenges to the election, which so far have seen little success, according to the Palm Beach Post. This follows Trump huddling with conservative lawmakers who are planning a long-shot bid to object when the House and Senate meet on Jan. 6 to certify the Electoral College results.

Asked what his next move will be, Giuliani said, “I can’t tell you that.”

In a video posted to his YouTube page on Wednesday afternoon, Giuliani claimed that legislatures in several battleground states that went for Biden, including Arizona and Georgia, will be reviewing their decisions to certify the election results “based on newly discovered evidence” during the period after Christmas. “Starting after Christmas, this is really going to blow up,” he pledged.

3 thoughts on “Giuliani heads to Palm Beach to meet with Trump, plan next election challenge steps”

  1. Ugh… Instead of wasting time & effort on the past 2020 ‘election’ let us Republicans-conservatives-Patriots look to the next election and attack with all legal & legislative means needed all the screwy-strange-illegal sudden new “laws & rules” that allowed all these illegal-late mail in ‘votes’ in so many states (corrupt-Democrat/socialist run… looking at you f—ing Pennsylvania :-(
    This current “Mail in voting” is the true enemy of our American democracy.

  2. Having voted for President Trump, it appears to be time for Rudy G. to step aside and let someone who is more in-tune with the issue of voter fraud take over.

    JMHO, but I think that President Trump’s biggest error in contesting the elections in the battleground states was turning this matter over to Rudy G. Rudy G.’s efforts have been a non starter from day one and gotten Trump no place fast.

    I go back to the old saying: Friends are friends and business is business and the two shall never meet. As I stated JMHO.

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