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Video || Pelosi blames Trump for “most” of the US Covid deaths

Uh, did she not get the memo for Biden on uniting America?

I guess she understood that it was just for laughs.

So of course, the people responsible for most of the deaths in America from Covid are the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party. But those are not people Democrats are terribly concerned about.

2 thoughts on “Video || Pelosi blames Trump for “most” of the US Covid deaths”

  1. Who cares what the Old Hag says. This is the same person who refused another round of stimulus until after the election so Trump wouldn’t have a “win”. She’s the worst of the worst. If Trump mishandled the virus so bad, why is Europe still dealing with it?

    1. I agree with you BIGDAVE, she’s the worst of the worst. She’s the one who said “We need to pass this Obamacare legislation so we can read it and see what the legislation we passed says”. She’s the one who tore up the State of the Union speech as soon as President Trump finished delivering the State of the Union address. She’s the one who relished impeaching the President of the United States. But she’s got close competition in being the worst … Jerry Nadler, Adam Shiff, Maxine Waters, Kamala, to name a few. It is stunning how these non-ethical individuals get re-elected year after year. It is amazing how our Gov’t works in spite of these unscrupulous politicians. If the the GA 5 JAN election is stolen, Schumer will take over the Senate. If that happens, our Gov’t will cease to function the way established by our Founders. If that happens, God help our country.

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