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Barr does not plan to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden

Remember, Barr is leaving Wednesday. So it will fall to his replacement, Jeffery Rosen, or someone else President Trump appoints attorney general to make the decision.

I believe that Barr is leaving early, under good terms, to allow Trump to make these decisions without having to fire him.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Attorney General William Barr said he had rejected the idea of appointing a special counsel either to investigate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, or to look into President Trump’s allegations of voter fraud, and said he did not believe that the federal government should seize any voting machines either.

Barr, who appeared at a Justice Department press conference to announce charges against a Libyan intelligence officer and bombmaker whom the U.S. believes played a key role in the terrorist attack which brought down Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988, weighed in on some of the swirling controversies which remain as he ends his tenure just before Christmas this week.

“I think that to the extent that there is an investigation, I think that it is being handled responsibly and professionally currently within the department, and to this point, I have not seen a reason to appoint a special counsel, and I have no plan to do so before I leave,” Barr said when asked about whether a special counsel should be named to look into the younger Biden, who is being investigated for his taxes and finances, likely, for his foreign business dealings in China and elsewhere.

2 thoughts on “Barr does not plan to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden”

  1. The Lockerbie Bomber does not matter any more except to the families of those who were killed, only some of whom were Americans. Even at the time, it was not of *public* consequence, regardless of how consequential it might have been to “the intelligence community”. The wrecking of this election impacts the lives of not only 300 million American Citizens immediately, but also the entire world, and the impact will last for possibly decades. The very idea that he has allowed the FBI to use resources in that old case, while ignoring the massive crimes happening in the final year of his current watch out in public for all the world to see… is hard to imagine. But that is exactly what he has done. Barr ends his term of service showing his incompetence in office and his indifference to his countrymen.

  2. I believe Barr did a good job as AG for Trump, while Trump held office. I don’t know how DC works, only what I’ve seen on tv and I think Barr is trying to protect himself. This is a disservice to America but again “the Swamp” is a living organism, that will eat you and then swallow you. Ask Gen Flynn! Only Trump at this point could handle it… amazing!

    Lockerbie incident, prayers to the families that lost their family, but is anyone still thinking of that today!

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