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Video || Sen. Ron Johnson in vicious dustup over Russian disinformation accusation

Democrats and the media signed onto the lie that pre-election reports about Hunter Biden’s ties to China were Russian disinformation.

Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson wasn’t happy about it Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Video || Sen. Ron Johnson in vicious dustup over Russian disinformation accusation”

  1. Peters is an empty suit that his potty…er, party…filled with its usual shyte. By all rights he should have been booted out by the voters years ago and replaced with a gentleman — John James — who has helped his country as a warrior and his state as a businessman and citizen. But the thievery and lies of the MI Gimmiedat Potty keep him there.

    1. solgerblue, I agree with you … John James should have replaced this horrible Senator Peters … the thought that goes across my mind is this “I wonder if the corrupt MI election process prevented John James from being elected”

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