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CNN’s Jim Acosta heckles Kayleigh McEnany for spreading “disinformation”

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany had just gone through some legitimate criticism of the press for covering neither Eric Swalwell nor, before the election, Hunter Biden. Poor Jim Acosta was offended, yelling to her as she departed that she spreads “disinformation every day.”

This was not a question. This was cranky commentary in the White House briefing room by a supposedly objective reporter. It is so incredibly unprofessional, and so unlike the way journalism was when I started more than 20 years ago. How sad for all of us that Acosta now represents what was once a pretty good network that we all looked to, CNN.

3 thoughts on “CNN’s Jim Acosta heckles Kayleigh McEnany for spreading “disinformation””

  1. The hack strikes again…
    What’s he gonna do when he loses the most accessible WH in modern history?
    Love him or hate him, Trump allowed more direct access to the WHPC than any in memory.

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