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Video || McEnany goes after the media for failing to cover Hunter Biden and Eric Swalwell

If the media had had any appetite for the Hunter Biden story before the election, it could have changed enough minds to hand this close election to President Trump.

It’s always been incredible to me that Republicans EVER win elections, given the media bias. But the failure to take the Hunter Biden story seriously is so egregious, it amounts to – yes, let’s use the media’s own favorite word – collusion with the Biden campaign.

I doubt it was even tacit collusion. I know how this goes, and I am sure the Biden campaign worked the phones with insane intensity to try to intimidate anyone in the media who even thought of touching the Hunter Biden story. And who knows if promises of access were made? Or threats about lack of access.

4 thoughts on “Video || McEnany goes after the media for failing to cover Hunter Biden and Eric Swalwell”

  1. Stop! Don’t make excuses for the media they’ve been active participants, fanning the flames. Add the seven Supreme Court justices (and too many lower court justices), they’re all cowards! An embarrassing amount of Republicans have gone along with this betrayal, it makes me sick. This isn’t just a coup against President Trump, it’s against all of us.

  2. Swalwell is a very small person and a bully. Toss him out.
    And then, lets get back to unseating Cuomo for his sexual harassment of staffers and total mismanagement of NY Covid operations. He makes me ill

    1. Harv – another thought to ponder . . .

      Swalwell says he was informed by the FBI that he was dating a Chinese spy.

      That would mean Speaker Pelosi knew the same info. How was it that he was then appointed to such a sensitive position on the Intelligence committee?

  3. I’m part of a group that thinks Trump won the election. The media is just as responsible for stuffing the ballots, by not reporting on election fraud, as the actual people that stuffed ballot boxes!

    Once Trump won Florida on election night I thought he had a landslide victory. The “Big Democratic “ party and media had other ideas!

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