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Video || Crowd roars for Trump at Army-Navy game

They will never give this kind of reception to Joe Biden.

This was Saturday.

This is the White House video of it below. And like all Trump White House videos, and unlike Obama’s, it spends plenty of time focused on the people at the event.

2 thoughts on “Video || Crowd roars for Trump at Army-Navy game”

  1. I agree with you, Keith, Joe Biden would never be given this type of reception. I’ve never seen a President given such receptions on a consistent basis in my life time (I am 72). Never have I seen a President where the crowds yell “We love you!” on a consistent basis. Never have I seen a President where he consistently draws huge crowds no matter how late at night or how cold the weather might be. The crowds do this to show their appreciation and love to President Trump for his sacrifices and the positive things he has done to our country and to the “forgotten, average” American. And, the crowds do this because they don’t appreciate the mean, cruel manner he, his family members and close top aides have been treated by politicians, news media, Hollywood celebrities and others. The Establishment wanted Trump out and would stop at nothing to obtain this goal even if it meant fixing an election. Sad … and tragic.

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