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Surge at the border of illegal immigrants as Biden prepares to take power

These people understand what’s going on. They know quite well that they are going to get amnesty from Joe Biden. Expect even more people to show up at the border next month.

According to the Washington Examiner:

“United States border officials encountered more than 70,000 migrants who tried to enter the U.S. from Mexico illegally in November, four times the number of people seen in April.

“Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan said Monday that federal agents on the southern border have seen a “significant” increase in arrests of illegal immigrants between ports of entry and the number of migrants turned away at border crossings over the past seven months. November’s count this year was notably higher than the 42,000 people encountered at the southern border during the same month last year.

“Of the 70,000 people encountered at the southern border last month, 67,000 illegally crossed the border between ports of entry and 3,000 were denied entry at the ports, CBP data show.”

4 thoughts on “Surge at the border of illegal immigrants as Biden prepares to take power”

  1. Oh, goody. Finally, we’ll have people willing to do the jobs that Americans won’t….oh wait, there are no jobs. That’s OK, we’ll all just chip in to feed, house, clothe anyone who walks across our border.

  2. It will be interesting to see how many of the positive achievements attained in the last four years will be reversed, not by EO, but simply because Trump is no longer in the WH. Strong leaders are respected, occasionally feared. Weak leaders are trampled upon. Watch it happen.

  3. The onslaught of illegals should not come as a surprise. It was expected to occur as soon as the corrupt media announced Corrupt Biden as the “president-elect” back on 7 NOV. This is only one aspect of the deterioration of our country. Others include (1) treating Iran with kid gloves (2) the destruction of our energy independence (3) globalism which will give China a free hand in stealing our jobs, technology and providing them with huge U S dollars thru massive Chinese imports to our country. Our country has now developed three 3rd world, dictatorial characteristics (1) corrupt elections (2) a press and social media that controls what people should see/hear and what they should NOT see/hear (3) thugs that threaten, intimidate those that don’t support their ideology. Pray that the ballot corruption in GA will not work on 5 JAN. If it does, Republicans lose control of Senate. God help our country and us average Americans who love our country if the ballot corruption is successful in GA on 5 JAN.

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