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Texas files its reply, and now it is up to the Supreme Court

We could know any moment how the Supreme Court wants to handle what is probably President Trump last chance to overturn the certifications of four states that went for Joe Biden.

According to Fox News:

“Texas on Friday morning filed a “reply brief” with the Supreme Court as it asks the tribunal to hear its lawsuit that aims to essentially nullify the presidential elections in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin — putting the ball in the justices’ court to issue an order in the case.

“The ‘briefing stage’ of Supreme Court litigation consists of the first party, in this instance, Texas, asking the court to hear the case. Then opposition briefs are filed by those on the other side of the case. Then the first party is allowed to file a “reply brief,” which Texas did Friday morning . . .

“The justices now could simply issue an order saying that they refuse to hear the case. They could also agree to hear the case and promptly dismiss it or rule in favor of Texas. The justices could also request oral arguments before ruling.

“The crux of the Texas case is the argument that the four states it is suing — all four of which swung for President-elect Joe Biden — unconstitutionally changed their election statutes in their judiciaries or executive branches, when only the legislature is allowed to make election law. The reply brief Friday says that the four states failed to adequately dispute their point that this makes their entire elections invalid.”

3 thoughts on “Texas files its reply, and now it is up to the Supreme Court”

  1. The only sane way to approach this mess is to direct a do-over in the states where the count is challenged.
    One day, in person with a valid ID. Win or lose, that’s the end of it.

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