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Trump creates more peace in the Middle East

He’s been called a warmonger and an anti-Semite. And meantime, he has done more than any other president to secure the peaceful existence of Israel, facilitating several peace deals between the Jewish state and Arab countries while reducing the influence and power of Israel’s chief nemesis, Iran.

Now there are peaceful relations between Israel and Morocco, President Trump announced.

8 thoughts on “Trump creates more peace in the Middle East”

  1. Good for him and Pompeo and any others participating in this movement. One only hopes it holds and that many more join in before January 20. Next thing we know, Biden will go back to the Iran deal – lord help us. The baggage Biden and his family bring to the administration is far more than Trump and his family ever did. If Biden had been during the campaign or is ever subjected to the constant investigations the Trump family have had to endure, he simply would have or will collapse under magniture of it all.

  2. Most of us will have moved on to our reward or punishment before history admits that Donald J. Trump was the most effective, progressive, and influential POTUS in modern history.
    To look back at his successes while constantly being attacked by the MSM and others is nothing short of a testimonial to his diligence and yes, his determination to do what he sees as the right thing to do.
    The Middle East nations might just understand that their 7th century attitudes and policies don’t work in the 21st century. They find themselves still in poverty, distrusted by other nations, constantly at war with each other and Israel.
    Peace is the desired state of all people.

    1. Well said, srdem65. What a great blessing, for Israel and all of these countries who have this chance for peace. God bless President Trump, Mr Kushner, and all who have been working to restore peace.

      And Mr Koffler: thank you for writing about this – it is the first time I have seen this report. Appreciate having WHD as a reliable source for real news.

  3. For me, Israel is so important — it is in its very concept — what is right with humanity — setting up a country for those oppressed BUT willing to do all that they need to make something happen…. and to steadfastly stand up to the world.

    I have not been to the Mideast — I am not Jewish – grew up in a rural part of the country with no nearby Jews — but I feel that to be a good human that you have to stand with the brave underdog — picked on by its neighbors but clearly never putting up with any of it now… It is like Kennedy’s
    ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ moment where we all should always be saying that we are with Israel and what it stands for.

    1. In the US Navy I was lucky to visit Israel twice (my ship did 2 week port stays in Haifa while the Marines we carried played out in desert -lol)
      I was able to take tours to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Galilee… I LOVED Israel; great modern nation & amazing citizens (may I say Israeli women are gorgeous! ;-)

      I will always support & pray for Israel.

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