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Business involving Joe Biden’s brother also under investigation

So now the brother and the son of the likely new president will be under investigation when he takes office.

Uh, is this going to bother Democrats? The press? At least a mainstream outlet is reporting this.

According to Politico:

“The federal investigation into President-elect Joe Biden’s son Hunter has been more extensive than a statement from Hunter Biden indicates, according to a person with firsthand knowledge of the investigation.

“On Wednesday, Hunter Biden said he had been contacted about a tax investigation out of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware.

“In addition to Delaware, the securities fraud unit in the Southern District of New York also scrutinized Hunter Biden’s finances, according to the person with direct knowledge of the investigation. The person said that, as of early last year, investigators in Delaware and Washington were also probing potential money laundering and Hunter Biden’s foreign ties. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

“In addition to the probe into Hunter Biden, federal authorities in the Western District of Pennsylvania are conducting a criminal investigation of a hospital business in which Joe Biden’s brother James was involved. Federal officials have asked questions about James Biden’s role in the business, according to a second person with direct knowledge of that investigation, who said it remains ongoing.

“There is no indication that Joe Biden himself is under investigation, but if the cases remain open when Joe Biden takes office, they could complicate his presidency, and shine an unflattering light on his relatives’ dealings, which often seek to capitalize on the Biden family’s political connections.”

5 thoughts on “Business involving Joe Biden’s brother also under investigation”

  1. So they hid him in a basement, he rarely spoke, the people surrounding him or others in the pipeline worked on perpetrating, what I believe, was massive voting improprieties which would be virtually impossible to prove and now he is likely the next President of the United States. Certainly someone in the DOJ or FBI shared these investigations with the Biden team and they have known all along about them. The hiccup came with the New York Post’s article so media and tech had to step in to cover it up. Add to all of this the tech/social media efforts to keep information from keeping out along with the media, etc. and this is what we get. Love or hate President Trump for whatever reasons – he is heads above this disgusting group.

  2. What an incredibly stupid family. You don’t send your son to a foreign country to collect money for dubious means, and you don’t allow your siblings to enter into dodgy deals.
    The correct way to use political influence is to employ legal business documentation and apply for taxpayer money to , um, build a bridge or school. One could form a non-profit that provides inner-city youth with sports or faith. One could create a non-profit charity and seek taxpayer funds as grants. And, so on.
    There are thousands of ways to do it and it has been done thousands of times successfully.
    Idiots go for the easy money.
    Just sayin’.

    1. Stupid, yes. but this family, like many powerful families, don’t see risk in their behavior. They have always been sheltered from scrutiny, and the media is their partner. They truly only see the upside of their ill conceived plans because not once in their life has anyone said, wait a minute, this smells bad.

      And I have little faith that this investigation will yield any conclusion that will prevent future events that are equally illegal and dangerous to our nation

  3. Democrats are willing to support a senile old man with dementia and numerous crooked family members under investigation for shady and illegal business dealings. It boggles the mind.

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