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Biden brings back Susan Rice – to do domestic policy!

Who knows what this is about?

Former Barack Obama National Security Advisor and UN ambassador Susan Rice will be back in power, but this time to serve as Joe Biden’s chief domestic policy advisor.

She has no serious experience in domestic policy, as far as I’m aware. I guess this is the booby prize for being passed over for secretary of state.

As a White House official, she will not require confirmation. So she doesn’t have to talk with the Senate about uncomfortable things like unmaskings and claiming Benghazi was a spontaneous outburst of passion.

7 thoughts on “Biden brings back Susan Rice – to do domestic policy!”

  1. Biden has no original thoughts or decisions – everything he does appears to be a repeat of Obama administration or those around him making the decisions. His first 100 day mask mandates are already in place – I am a paralegal whose work is all in the Bankruptcy Court and no one is allowed there. Planes requires masks – I assume trains and buses already require them. Making money available to schools so they can open is nothing new – school districts haven’t been open for months – they should already be using resources that have been used since closure to fund some of this stuff and as for the distribution of vaccines – he says there’s no plan for the second round of distribution – like he can wave a wand and everything will be done. The man is a moron.

  2. Biden et al are determined to bring back the very public policy and people that caused the public to elect Donald Trump.
    Are they crazy?
    Maybe doing the same thing over and over etc etc etc

    It’s starting to look like the Dem’s best and brightest don’t want to serve in the Biden administration.

    1. I didn’t know the Dem’s had a “Best & Brightest”, I thought then & now that they are all crooks, liars & frauds, out to do us & the Country harm. Biden, I believe has the beginning of either Alzheimer’s or Dementia, he should have NEVER run for President, I believe that Biden will be deemed incapable of holding office & we get Harris & she will get to pick her V.P! Just the thought of Harris as President, sends shivers up & down my spine! We will be in for a very bumpy ride, the next 4 years, higher taxes, I believe ALL of our rights will be taken away or very limited & Obamacare will be back.

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