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Video || Biden doesn’t seem familiar with his HHS secretary nominee

Introducing his health team Tuesday, he mangled Xavier Becerra’s name once, and then corrected himself, mangling it again, but differently.

And he announced that “Xavier Bacheria” will be “Secretary of Health and Education Services.”

Obviously some button in his brain got pushed and tried to spout out the old “Department of Health, Education and Welfare.”

He then went on to talk about providing “the last 100 million Covid-19 vaccine shots,” or something.

And who’s he angry at?

4 thoughts on “Video || Biden doesn’t seem familiar with his HHS secretary nominee”

  1. They did it. They got rid of the evil, bad man. No more racism in the US, peace and love in our big cities, contentment around the world because Trump will be no more.
    The Dems/MSM own this. They have pulled off the worst kind of political coup and installed the worst kind of leader.
    They own this.

  2. senile Biden is not “familiar” with MANY of ‘his picks’…because that with Kamala & her cohorts decided the “Biden cabinet” :-|

  3. Did he just nominate Joey Baccala?
    He mumbles so much. And please Joe, just READ the words.
    And Javier is pronounced hav-ee-eh not hav-ee-er. Maybe I’m wrong, my Spanish is not 100% for sure.
    And he wants us to mask up for 100 days, starting on his first day…if this is so vital ( not doubting the practice), would we not DO IT NOW?

    Jeesh… One day in the not too distant future, some left leaning reporter will say, ok, that’s enough, got to blow the whistle, throw the flag, call him out for his inability to simply make a statement in public. Lord knows what inner meetings will be like.


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