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Trump to skip Biden Inauguration and leave in style

President Trump was never going to subject himself to the humiliation of standing there while Joe Biden is inaugurated president. At least, not with so many odd circumstances surrounding the election.

Meantime, Biden’s inaugural address will be loaded with moving away from the “darkness” and “hating” of the past four years. Half of it will be devoting to deploring Trump and the “deplorables.”

According to the Washington Examiner:

“President Trump is reportedly not going to attend President-Elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20 and will instead travel to Florida for a rally, potentially announcing his 2024 bid.

“Last week, ‘preliminary planning’ was underway to hold an event during Biden’s inauguration, three people familiar with the matter told NBC News. According to Axios, Trump is now reportedly planning to depart from the White House on Inauguration Day on his final Air Force One flight to Florida during Biden’s swearing-in.”

13 thoughts on “Trump to skip Biden Inauguration and leave in style”

  1. While I may not agree 100% (it would be statesmanlike) – but after all the Sh__ he has been put through the last 4 years, why bother. And Biden will probably do just as Keith says –

    That being said – how can Biden encourage any type of “gathering of any size” as soon as January 20. I doubt very seriously the pandemic will be over by then – or will it?????? Will Fauci condone such a large gathering? Will everyone in the audience have a mask on. Will Biden wear a mask while he is speaking. Will there be a huge parade with lots of people lining the streets. Inquiring minds want to know.

    I told my husband this morning – while I want this all to be over, President Trump is the only person standing that would be willing to go to such lengths to, if nothing else, force states and voting procedures to be addressed. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I do believe (hard to prove) that there was massive ballot stuffing (to use an old term) going on.

  2. The tradition with Air Force One is when the plane delivers Trump the pilot and co-pilot exchange seats. The old co-pilot is now Biden’s pilot. When LBJ was delivered to Austin he had all the dinnerware, silverware and anything else with the WH seal unloaded. A call was made to DC and their reply was to do nothing.

    1. That is an interesting tradition. I didn’t know that.

      Not at all surprised about Johnson taking everything that wasn’t nailed down. He probably continued to use the china at the ranch.

    1. One blogger is already calling Biden “The Pretender Biden”.

      I think that 15 or 20 years ago, Biden would have been just another old-line Democrat in the office: not great, but not a disaster. Now, at this late date, it’s another matter altogether.

      I am still praying God will send a miracle to allow the true outcome of legal votes to prevail. We can pray “For the Lord and for Trump”, just as of old the 300 shouted “For the Lord and for Gideon!” , for a peaceful victory. (Judges 7:18)

      1. I’d call him Usurper Biden…which, if you say it right, has the added bonus of sounding like “Joseph R,” and makes for some tantalizing “accidentally on purpose” “slip of the tongue” possibilities.

    2. I think any American who has not at least studied history and traveled around the world to see the hollow eyes of the people who have lived with leaders like trump should not be allowed to vote. In the beginning you had to be a property owner and male to vote. The America I was proud of and felt safe in is gone and Buffons like trump and the republican party have taken over. Its clear the man is mentally ill. Go ahead, hitch yourself to that star.

  3. After watching the monoparty do everything it could to sabotage Trump, by fair means or foul, nonstop, for his entire term, and then brazenly stage a coup d’etat with blatantly obvious ballot box jiggery-pokery, and then, even more brazenly, assign the legal disputes to compliant judges, my patience for all of the Beltway bull chips is wearing about as thin as Rachel Zoe after three months on Hydroxycut.

    The monoparty is about to find out what resistance REALLY looks like. Most of the regulars here already know who John Galt is. But if you’re not familiar with the concept of Irish democracy, look it up (Daniel O’Connell is a good name to start your search with).

    There are many ways to obey the letter of the tyrant’s laws by day, while defying the spirit of his laws by night.

  4. If Trump ‘gets the hell out of Dodge’ ahead of any Bite-me “inauguration”, he’ll be leaving not just for himself, but for 71-million Americans who voted for him and all those convinced he — and we — are victims of massive fraud by a thoroughly criminal cabal masquerading as a political party. Besides — gotta avoid any super-spreader event.

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