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Ted Cruz to argue Pennsylvania mail-in ballot case before Supreme Court

Well, okay, now he gets involved, when it’s going to the Supreme Court. I don’t view this as much more than a high-profile play for Trump voters in 2024.

And he’ll probably enjoy the whole thing. I like Ted Cruz, but he hasn’t been doing the grunt work on this.

11 thoughts on “Ted Cruz to argue Pennsylvania mail-in ballot case before Supreme Court”

  1. So be it – he is a very bright guy and glad he is doing it. He has been providing positive feedback throughout. He was my second choice in 2016 (Scott Walker was first). After all others had dropped out and it was him and Trump I became a Trump supporter because I believe at the time he was the only one of the two electable.

  2. Keith, your comments about Cruz are spot on. He is “my” Senator, but he has been a great disappointment. He is a grandstander, and otherwise ineffective.

      1. If you follow Ted, like a good debate team member, he has some go-to lines that he uses. The first time or two I heard them I thought they were clever, etc. EX: Pound the Table (when you can’t pound the facts).

        Like Trey Gowdy – some nice one liners – but nothing happens…. and Jim Jordan is going to end up in that group as well.

        I remember an issue with the government shut downs — there was a hair salon in (I think) Dallas that was defying the governor (or what I call “excercising her protected constitutional rights” that the REPUBLICAN governor of Texas was trampling. So what does Ted do? He jumps on a plane or in a car and heads up to the salon, gets on TV and gets a hair cut.

        Now what would a real patriot do? He could have called out his own governor and said you are wrong, etc. and to further the cause, he could have asked other businesses to do the same thing and defy the tyrant governor — that Ted would gladly walk into the business and get a haircut or do something at a gym or X, Y, or Z… but no… he got his haircut in Dallas and went home. TV time done. Nothing better.

        Ted is completely for Ted and the appearance is only coincidental if he is also for you.

        Like I’ve heard from Ted — All hat, no cattle.

  3. Tina, let’s hope Cruz realizes how much is on the line and does more than be a “grandstander”. America needs this fraud of an election to be fully exposed and President Trump to take his rightful place as our elected president. If this fraud of an election is perpetrated on the register American voter, our republic is done.

  4. I like TC as well. But this is too important to be hijacked for personal, “ain’t I great, I’m in the spotlight” reasons. That’s the crummy thing about pols, they get caught up in their own fairytale and forget the hard work of representing the American people.

  5. Presenting oral arguments to SCOTUS requires special certification of some sort, I believe.
    Perhaps it has as much to do with that as the obvious desire for high profile exposure..


    Texas files original suit at SCOTUS, claims elector selection procedures unconstitutionally altered without state legislative consent, and that the current chaos is a direct result of the various unconstitutional alterations.

    Defendants all have GOP controlled legislatures, and control enough electoral votes to decide the presidential election.

    Developing hot…

  7. Here is the requirement.

    An attorney wishing to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States must apply to do so, must be admitted to the bar of the highest court of a state for three years, must be sponsored by two attorneys already admitted to the Supreme Court bar, must pay a fee and must take either a spoken or written oath.

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