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Video || Jerry Nadler shits himself live

I’m sorry, but I need to follow all the news, wherever it takes me.

Yes, someone added the sound effect.

8 thoughts on “Video || Jerry Nadler shits himself live”

  1. Is this again? I saw this some time ago.

    Anyway, body functions don’t always behave as they are supposed to do. If he did have a ,um, problem, I feel sorry for him.

    BTW, the correct term for a unfortunate event is “shat”.

    1. I don’t feel sorry for Nadler, he is a vile human being who has lived too long on a government salary. Can someone tell me exactly what Nadler has done in his tenure, to help the people he represents? I don’t feel sorry for those who kept voting for him either, my sympathies lie with those who didn’t vote for him. I will never believe, or trust any Democrat honestly won an election.

      1. And there’s the rub, isn’t it?

        From now on, every Democrat win, unless it’s plausibly lopsided, must be challenged. Every squeaker where they prevail, must be regarded as illegitimate. Every last one of them, from DC to West Rear End, must be made to endure what they and theirs, did to Trump and his. Make them scared to be in government, for only then can liberty be preserved.

        Every last goddamned one of those bastards, from congresscrook to county noxious weed director, need to be made to cross every T, and dot every I, and then be sent back to dot every one of their J’s, before we ever again accept that they won fair and square.

        They want a low trust society, whether they admit it or not. Let them be the first to live in the world, that they intend for us.

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