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Trump campaign to sue in Wisconsin over “abuse” of absentee voting

Of course, the mainstream media has stopped covering these suits. What if we find out in six months that there was indeed widespread fraud? There certainly seems to be plenty of prima facie evidence that a lot was amiss. If Biden had lost, there would be daily articles in the New York Times and the Washington Post, as well as constant broadcasting on CNN, about election fraud and “voter suppression.”

According to Fox News:

“The Trump campaign is filing a lawsuit to the Wisconsin Supreme Court Tuesday — alleging abuse around the process of absentee voting in the state, which they say affected approximately 220,000 ballots . . .

“The campaign claims officials on the Wisconsin Election Commission and the City Clerks of Milwaukee and Madison ‘willfully disregarded the current statute and made conscious efforts to circumvent Wisconsin election law, resulting in tens of thousands of votes cast “well outside of the bounds of Wisconsin law.”

“It also asserts the law was violated “on several occasions” through what it described as altered-certification absentee ballot envelopes, a lack of required absentee ballot applications, unlawful claims of indefinite confinement and voting events called ‘Democracy in the Park.’

“Wisconsin law requires that written absentee ballot request forms must be submitted ahead of the voter casting their absentee ballot, but the Trump campaign claimed that election officials, instead, ‘accepted ballots without the required absentee applications on file.'”

4 thoughts on “Trump campaign to sue in Wisconsin over “abuse” of absentee voting”

  1. Out here in fly-over, we marvel that the contended votes only happened in “swing states”.
    PresTrump can retire to a well-deserved life of ease. We will always refer to him as the “best of the best” and will always be grateful for what he did and tried to do for us,

  2. Strange how the “swing states” suspended counting on election night, only for Biden to magically sprint into the lead the next day. When you know how many votes you need, thats how many you find. #fraud2020.

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