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Kamala Harris demeans charity

Democrats aren’t as concerned as Republicans with charity. They give less of it, counting on the government to do the job.

In the video below, Kamala Harris congratulates a group of people who would be helping out on Thanksgiving. “It’s the difference between charity and duty,” Harris says. “Charity — I got a little extra, I’ll help you out — versus duty. Duty to your fellow human being. It’s what we all should understand is the price that we pay for living on this earth, that we have a duty.”

Okay, but why diminish charity, people parting with their hard-earned money to help others, sometimes at great cost to themselves. Because the Bidens and the Harris’s are not charitable. Kamala Harris and her husband last year earned $3 million and gave $35,000 to charity, just over 1 percent. That is, objectively speaking, stingy and cheap. The Bidens regularly give less that 2 percent of their income to charity every year. I’ve seen at least one year of their returns where some of the puny amount they gave was old clothes they were deducting.

So I guess the four of them are all performing their “duty” instead.

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