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Trump Schedule || Monday, November 30, 2020

12:30 pm || Lunch with Vice President Pence

All times Eastern

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  1. What’s up with Biden’s left leg. For a number of weeks I have notice some kind of weird gait in his step. He doesn’t limp but there is a drop foot or something going on. Then there is the dog incident where his camp says Biden and the dog got tussled, causing some ankle injury over the wknd… uh huh… and he is going to see an orthopedist. On a personal level, I don’t ever wish the man any ill will, but as the leader of the free world, we would prefer some vitality. Let’s see how the press handles this one today….

    1. Harv, This is what Keith had on Cut to the News.

      Biden breaks his foot . . . Joe Biden sustained hairline fractures in his right foot and will likely require a walking boot for weeks, his doctor said after the president-elect slipped and twisted his ankle on Saturday while playing with his dog, Major. The injury raises the possibility that Biden will be wearing some sort of brace on Inauguration Day, which follows a campaign during which Biden and President Trump questioned each other’s mental and physical fitness to hold office. Washington Examiner

  2. The phrasing is suspect… you never slip and twist. You twist and fall or slip and fall —- you might slip and in the end there is a twist but there usually is a fall in there too… the guy fell is my guess — and rather than be forthright they are playing with the words.

    Joe would not offer up an explanation—
    Joe is a politician, self serving liar. Plagiarism is a big part of his story — makes up stories, lies about leaning on world leaders to help his family, gladly took another man’s wife and often invaded the space of women and girls in a creepy disgusting way.

  3. His minor injury will be a great excuse for not attending public events. Slow Joe will be safe at home, watching cartoons all day.

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