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Trump pardons Michael Flynn

President Trump Wednesday announced that he has granted a full pardon to Gen. Michael T. Flynn.

Flynn pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI. He later withdrew the plea, and the Justice Department dropped charges. But a Democratic judge refused to let the matter drop.

Trump recently complained that the case was taking too long. Now there is no more case.

The sad part is that there are those who will say that Flynn, who has been brutally mistreated by the government, was pardoned and not exonerated.

At least he is done paying legal fees. Maybe one day this heroic warfighter will get his reputation, and his house, back.

2 thoughts on “Trump pardons Michael Flynn”

  1. I am very happy for General Flynn. I feel so much for him for what he was forced to go through. Not only General Flynn but others such as Roger Stone. The Obama lawless, unethical, deep state FBI Mueller team prosecutors were vicious. It appears they will be back in full force if a new Administration takes over in January. Tragic, sad and unfortunate for our country.

  2. So happy that President Trump did this! Prayers for The General, for The President, for Vice President Pence, their families, and for our country. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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