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Video || Tucker Carlson: This election was rigged

In his monologue Monday night, Tucker Carlson explained how the media, Big Tech, and the Democrats worked together to tilt the playing field away from President Trump.

While it’s true that the media are always biased against Republicans, there has never been such shameless negative reporting on a presidential candidate as there was against Trump, and such a failure to provide tough coverage and questions to a Democratic presidential nominee. Meantime, Big Tech decided that it was going to suppress conservative speech through various means.

4 thoughts on “Video || Tucker Carlson: This election was rigged”

  1. I watched his show (as I always do). Tucker does a very good job. I don’t always agree with his handling of certain things (i.e. expecting that Sydney Powell would provide her evidence!), but that was his job. I work for attorneys and when he made the statement about that, I turned to my husband and said – of course she isn’t going to give him her evidence before going to trial. That being said – if she doesn’t have it – that will come out in Court. I hope she isn’t ruining her stellar career but that’s on her. There are many that allude to Tucker being part of the left, etc. and that he has sold out. It is over hype of them. He has been brutal in his handling of both sides and some in the middle. He has covered stories that many won’t and they aren’t necessarily political stories. I can handle it – I believe he is generally fair and not compromised. He is the money maker for Fox (I am reasonably certain about that) and there is no way he doesn’t carry a good deal of power in deciding the types of stories he handles, etc. I really don’t believe he is told what to say. He is smart, does his homework and if he is skeptical of something you know he is. He is also quick to correct misinformation he may have provided.

    I listened carefully to his guests last night, especially the psychologist interview who has data regarding the power of tech and a replay of his concerns over a year ago and its affect on elections . He made a point of telling us he was not a Trump supporter, which in my view, validated his concerns that much more.

    I am not a social media person – I don’t do Facebook. We should all be concerned and I am grateful Tucker is there to highlight so much of this stuff.

  2. For the last 4 years, we have fought the media, the social platforms, the House, censorship, irresponsible allegations that required time and effort to refute, BLM, Antifa, an inefficient mechanism for voting, and a large group of voters who only read headlines. In some respect, we lost. Not the Presidency, but the integrity and veracity of information. If the MSM can lie without a cross check, and they win doing it….then they will continue to do it. Its shameful, disgusting, and disheartening. We need to find a way to reverse this trend. I just don’t have the answer.

    1. Oh, I have an answer, but it’s not going to be a popular one.

      What the media was doing, was a belligerent act of psychological warfare against the United States, which has given aid (arguably) and comfort (provably) to our enemies.

      The corrective action for such behavior, tends to be rather…permanent. Perhaps if the Party operatives at the American minitrue are confronted with the sight of some of their comrades becoming unpersons, we may be able to have an honest press again.

      If not, then everyone needs to brush up on their Orwell, for the same reason Patton read Rommel. Hopefully, we might one day be able to echo General Patton with a similar quotation, at a similar result.

      1. Those who have done this (top to bottom, R or D) in politics, technology, and media need to be dealt with harshly and permanently. Our country is in peril. If we fail at this, these same measures will be used on us.

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