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Video || Melania Trump receives the White House Christmas tree

I imagine next year this will be the “holiday tree.”

4 thoughts on “Video || Melania Trump receives the White House Christmas tree”

  1. Not to grouse but… I will LOL The band is wearing their uniforms, the Marines are wearing their dress blues, the coachmen are dressed in proper attire, everyone observing is dressed nicely…. and those women who hop down to hold the horses’ heads (footmen?), are wearing too-big work coats and tight denim jeans? To meet the First Lady of the United States? Couldn’t someone have gotten them some nice suits too?

    Otherwise, it was a nice arrival for the tree, and our First Lady is lovely as always. I really like the houndstooth check of her coat.

    1. Do you want them to wear formal attire, high heels perhaps? Have you ever had your foot stepped on by a horse? I have, while wearing heavy boots, and it still hurts like hell.

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