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Video || CNN guest praises Trump vaccine effort as “incredible” and “visionary”

Of course, they weren’t having such guests on before Election Day.

The Wuhan virus. The Trump vaccine.

Now the liberal press might start giving President Trump a little credit for things, at least until they become afraid he might win in 2024. It reminds me of all the kind things they said about Ronald Reagan when he died, after spending his entire presidency vilifying him.

7 thoughts on “Video || CNN guest praises Trump vaccine effort as “incredible” and “visionary””

  1. While changing channels to view “Dateline” (a true crime series) on MSNBC, I caught the tail end of someone talking about “Trump’s vaccine”. It was so disheartening and false – the commenter compared the vaccine to some failures of Trump’s business attempts – like the “Trump Water. Then, they talked about Trump’s son being caught with the virus, laughed. Next, they had a list of “Republicans who have contracted Covid-19”.
    This is what the MSM is doing to the public – making fun of the vaccine, trying to make it some kind of terrible thing and to dissuade anyone for seeking help.
    Sickening. Disgusting.

  2. If the problem is solved….there is no problem…

    Of course… The ‘problem’ does not exist in the first place. Back in March when we knew what a normal flu season death count and the 2+ million projected was ghastly, we would have bee happy with 250k deaths from the virus….

    And imagine if the Covid 19 death numbers were not inflated by things… such as… morbidly people with a terminal condition being called Covid19 deaths…

    It is a shame that in the end that 1 year of youth was stolen from the youth when the death rate from Covid is nearly zero. Sad. Sad.

    Sick and old people die from viruses… and when the 95% effective vaccine is in the sick and old people.. .they will die from something else because sick and old people — more often than others — die.

    Children and those healthy under 60 should not have to be subjected to such ridiculousness.

  3. Remember when Joe Biden said Europe was handling Covid much better than Trump?
    Well, they can line up for our vaccine…. our Trump vaccine.


  4. If you look at the CDC site,influenza figures since April are at just about nil, that’s cases. not deaths. So miracle of miracles, flu has vanished. On the other hand they are now calling it covid.

  5. Post Vaccine: How long will it take before we get a rift between the haves and the have nots… aka as those who take the vaccine and those who refuse?
    I suggest: a national Freedom Card, issued as a temp by what ever source where you acquire the vaccine. Then followed by a perm card, with bar code, photo id, and date of vaccination, issued by the CDC. You can then attend weddings, concerts, theater, dining, sports…. yep. Added bonus: we now have a national registry…


  6. No one should want this vaccine. The trials have been a joke. None of them have studied whether the vaccine would result in reduction of severe disease (hospital admission, ICU, or death), and none of the trials have studied whether the proposed vaccine will interrupt person-to-person spread. So, if you wonder why Fauci says we’ll all still have to be masked up post-vaccine, that’s why.

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