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Obamas are busy producing anti-Trump material for Netflix

Remember, when we go high, the Obamas go low.

Not only did they take it personally that the nation implicitly rejected them by electing President Trump, but they believe his election and continued popularity shows what racists so many Americans still are.

According to Fox News:

Barack and Michelle Obama will produce a Netflix sketch comedy series, “The G Word,” expected to be loosely based on an anti-Trump book that portrays the chaos that reportedly erupted after President Trump won the 2016 election.

“Very happy to finally be able to share this news: I’m creating a new comedy series for Netflix about the federal government. It’s called The G Word, and I can’t wait to share it with you,” Conover wrote, quote-tweeting the Deadline report.

The series, which does not have a release date, will feature comedy “mixed with documentary elements,” according to Deadline.

“It will ask whether government is a dirty word or a trusted institution,” Deadline’s Peter White reported.

The Obamas, under the name Higher Ground Productions, have a multimillion-dollar Netflix deal. Their first  Netflix documentary “American Factory” hit the streaming service in 2019 and was widely considered an attack on Trump. The documentary focused on a Chinese billionaire who opens a factory “in the husk” of an abandoned General Motors plant, hiring 2,000 blue-collar Americans.

Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos and his wife have long been donors and friends of the Obamas

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