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Giuliani lodges claim of “massive” voter fraud

According to the Washington Examiner:

Lawyers for President Trump’s campaign alleged an elaborate plot by his opponents to “rig” voting machines in the presidential election, delivering the race for Joe Biden.

In a Thursday news conference at the Republican National Convention headquarters in Washington, D.C., that was at times heated and confrontational, three Trump attorneys, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis, alleged a “massive, well-funded, coordinated effort to deny” voters their constitutional rights.

Over remarks that stretched more than an hour, the team, which senior legal adviser Ellis billed as an “elite strike force,” linked claims of voting irregularities across the country to a “centralized” conspiracy helmed by the billionaire philanthropist George Soros, the Clinton Foundation, Joe Biden, and the deceased Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.

The Trump attorneys leveled their most inflammatory charges at the technology states use to count votes.

“We’re frustrated with what we keep reading and hearing in the censored press,” Ellis said.

Powell claimed there was evidence of the “massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba, and likely China, and interference with our elections.”

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  1. This will most likely not be settled by 12/14 when the electoral college meets, and I have no clue about the veracity of the voting machines or software. But I do know-that our system needs a triple rinse before 2024

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