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The myth of “violence by both sides”

One of the most hypocritical and fatuous phenomena of the past several months has been this equivalence struck by the mainstream media between the threat of left-wing and right-wing violence.

Despite nightly demonstrations of leftists looting and destroying public property while even setting up their own “country” inside Seattle, the refrain has been about the equivalent or greater danger from the right.

Violent protest would occur if Joe Biden was elected president, and President Trump would stage a coup!

As it appears Biden has won, there is no sign of a Trump coup. He is lodging lawsuits, like the Democrats would have certainly done of Biden lost, and preparing to accept the vote of the Electoral College. Meantime, the left is fomenting violence — after its candidate won! The right is peacefully protesting, and no more.

Here as scenes of attacks by leftist rioters during and following the Trump MAGA march in Washington Saturday. Can you imagine the reaction if it were right-wing militants doing this?

8 thoughts on “The myth of “violence by both sides””

  1. This violence makes me sick. Our side is falsely accused of “racism” yet I saw footage of a black Trump supporter, being threatened will with her small children. Where’s Obama calling out actual racist violence, committed by BLMANTIFA?

    1. I’m with you on this. The violence and rioting is too much and it’s all done by the ones screaming the loudest.
      Every time I hear or read of some lefty claiming White people are racists I think ‘who’s the racist here?’. Can an entire race be one thing, but not the others?

      I recall when Michelle Obama would complain about the White House being built by slaves or some other reference to slavery, it seems so easy for Black people to forget that our country was torn apart by that issue. Slavery was abolished by blood shed on both sides.
      The White privilege some throw about as the reason Whites seem to have more, stuff, or something than others is such a false claim.
      So many of us are descendants of immigrants who left tyranny, extreme poverty, or worse to do what they could in a country that claimed to be “free”. With little more than the clothes they wore, no government to ease their acclimation , they worked doing whatever they could find.
      Former PresObama claims of how Whites felt about his term as President was more than insulting, it was so wrong. He thinks only by the color of his skin, and what he did as President wasn’t a factor.
      sigh. So tired of the racists, the haters, the violence.

  2. If all they really wanted was Biden to win, why would these rioting fools even show up to a MAGA march? It says a lot…..
    I live in Westchester, NY, hardly Trump country. Yesterday I saw in my town a full blown 50-60 car/truck parade with Trump flags, etc…escorted by police. It was polite, up mood, no nastiness…just people out on a Sunday exercising their right to free speech. I have voted since 1980 and I cannot recall seeing anything like this ever. Trump may not win, but Trumpism is here to stay.

    1. It does our hearts good to hear this. I’m clinging on to a thread of hope (saying prayers) that Trump will overcome this, win, and show the world how much the Left cheated.

  3. Study the video closely and you’ll see that the brave, masked SJWs sought out and attacked single rally-goers or small groups, frequently elderly people, making their way back to their hotels from the rally. It also appears that in at least one instance, DC cops led some rally-goers through groups of leftwad protesters, as if they wanted them attacked.

  4. Two great points here. Antifa, BLM, and other leftists should not, in theory, care about a Trump demonstration, if they think Harris/Biden won. So their real point is to begin the persecution to follow the inauguration, and to feel out whether the police will actually stand up to protect conservatives.
    Also, thanks for revealing the Obamas’ incredible duplicity where race relations are concerned. BO promised to go beyond race, but half of what his presidency entailed was driven by race awareness and even demagoguery. He really proved this with his claim that opposition was driven by white racism.

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