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Video || Ilhan Omar refers to Trump events as “Klan rallies”

Joe, Kamala? Are you going to condemn these remarks? Probably no more than you condemned the rioters who attacked Trump supporters Saturday.

8 thoughts on “Video || Ilhan Omar refers to Trump events as “Klan rallies””

  1. How is this immigrant with a shady past and a dodgy life able to get her face in the MSM with her hatred of all things American?
    Some suggest she’s got everything the MSM wants – Attractive, woman of color, Muslim, and a constant complainer.

    1. “Attractive”? In my opinion, Omar is hideous, made horribly ugly due to her hatred of everything American. How she has gotten away with her many transgressions is beyond belief.

  2. Well, since she is such a “lover” of the Jewish State, she would recognize a Klan rally when she saw one…. pun intended.
    The putrid that spews from her mouth as she acts so righteous.
    But they want us to be one nation….er, uh huh…

  3. “Israel has hypnotized the world,” she tweeted in 2012. “May Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.” Ilhan Omar, 2012, as quoted in the NEW YORK TIMES…… Where is the JDL on this… maybe I missed it.


  4. QOTD: Robert Byrd’s dying wish was that Ilhan Omar replace him as Exalted Cyclops for the KKK as “she has a really great talent in attracting new members with a similar view of the Jooows and Israel”. Note from our attorneys – this is not a real quote.

  5. At the age of 12, the USA allowed this woman, her parents and siblings to migrate to the USA so they could escape the horrors of war torn Somalia. Instead of being appreciative, grateful and thankful for this kindness from the USA, what does she do? She spews out hatred, contempt, rage and division against all things American. I am not a psychologist but one must wonder what kind of severe psychological disorder must this woman have?

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