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Obama to Trump: “Think beyond your own ego” and concede the election

Barack Obama called on President Trump to “think beyond your own ego” and finally concede to Joe Biden, accusing Trump of “delegitimizing” not just Joe Biden but democracy itself.

“A president is a public servant,” Obama lectured. “They are temporary occupants of the office, by design. When your time is up then it is your job to put the country first and think beyond your own ego, and your own interests, and your own disappointments.”

A constitutional scholar indeed!

Kind of strange for Barack Obama to tell someone to think beyond his ego. And truly bizarre for him to discuss efforts to delegitimize democracy and the winning presidential candidate after Democrats spent four years doing this to Trump.

Obama’s appearance on 60 Minutes lacked the vicious, confrontational questioning Trump was delivered during his own recent appearance.

Because, you know, you treat saints and devils different, right?

6 thoughts on “Obama to Trump: “Think beyond your own ego” and concede the election”

  1. Saints and Devils, very klever K!
    This hubris from the man who told us we didn’t build it, and elections have consequences, I won…

    Obama sees a window open that will reinstate his own legacy, most of which was wiped out over the past 4 years, to our betterment.
    Trump has a legal right to challenge results up until the electoral college meets. And so he should.

  2. I’ve said it before… this idea of concessions is all ego!!!! It is not a fight between two (or more) people and all need to concede to the victorious. No. It is an election. A process where people run for an office and one person is declared the winner by the process. There never should be a concession of any election. Run. Vote. Count. Certify. Declare. Done. If you won – you are told (through the process, not the press).

    BTW. This guy Obama annoys me. Be gone.

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