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Biden pressured by the Left to erase student debt

Uh, okay. Not like we have a federal budget deficit or anything. Just add that to the tab, waitress, thank you.

According to the Washington Examiner:

“President-elect Joe Biden vowed to erase billions of dollars in student loan debt while campaigning for the high office and is now under pressure from the political Left to make good on the promise.

“In the event that Republicans hold the Senate and block much of his progressive legislative agenda, lessening student debt is one of the largest goals Biden could pursue unilaterally.

“Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts deemed it “the single most effective executive action available to provide massive consumer-driver stimulus” in a Washington Post opinion piece Wednesday.

“There are roughly 42 million people in the United States with over $1.5 trillion in college debt, according to the Brookings Institution. Biden has promised to erase $10,000 of that debt for each student.”

5 thoughts on “Biden pressured by the Left to erase student debt”

    1. Agreed. What about kids like mine who worked hard to repay their own student loans? Why should we pay taxes to pay off the debts of people who studied (Social Justice, LGBTQ Studies, Community Agitation, Feminist Studies, etc.) classes that didn’t give them a firm head start to a decent job? I suppose we would be on the hook for AOC’s debts as well.

  1. My heart breaks for all the Moms and Dads that pulled second shifts or gave up countless things — to help their children get a college education.

    And for kids like my own who right now plays gigs and waits tables so as not to have student loans when she finishes school.

    All so some kid can get out from the loans that they and their family took to get a degree that obviously the market does not value (otherwise paying them back would not be a problem).

    It would be a huge injustice.

  2. I’m a high school dropout that woke up and put myself through engineering school. I then went on and earned a graduate degree, all without help from my family. My dad was a retired USMC republican who knew I could get an education if I wanted, and he was right. I was never taught to keep looking until I found a reason or excuse to not try. I was taught to find a way to succeed, and to take care of myself.

    My first year of school was when Bill Clinton was elected. That first year I received a pell grant for a few thousand, then Slick Willy, who also ran using a “free money for college” gimmick, took office and I received $0 from then on.

    Maybe 3 or four times per semester, I would stand at the scholarship bulletin board and search for scholarships that I could apply for. There were scholarships posted for every designation imaginable, gays, lesbians, wiccans, transvestites, gender-confused, native american, muslim… but nothing for a normal white guy. It was frustrating (reverse discrimination) but it didn’t stop me.

    I worked nearly full time, graded papers, tutored, worked summers. Whatever it took. One summer I worked in a fireworks warehouse! But I took out student loans as I needed and, despite my efforts, racked up a sizeable debt.

    I worked very hard in school and got good grades. I then worked very hard at my jobs, and paid off all of my student loans.

    So when I hear about how someone is being held down “by the man” or whatever, I know first hand that that is not right. Also, our higher education finance system is not broken. If anybody wants to get a higher education, and they have any talent at all, and work hard, there’s nothing that can stop them.

    I’m offended that my efforts could be minimized by unnecessary handouts. I paid my debts, now they are telling me I need to pay for others’ debts too, in the form of already-high taxes on me? I say no. But I only have one vote, same as the lazy loser that is panhandling for my money. I fear for this country’s future.

    Thank you dad, I miss you, you are the strongest man I’ve ever known. But in a way I’m glad you’re not around to see what’s happening to the country you served.

  3. “(W)hat about those who worked hard and paid their debts? Do they get their money back?”

    No, of course not. They get to be heavily taxed to pay for the freeloaders who’ve gamed the system. Such a GREAT country we have.

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