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Trump organizing Million Maga March in Washington

According to the Washington Examiner:

Supporters of President Trump are planning protests in Washington, D.C., on Saturday as the Trump campaign plans more rallies as it broadens its fight against election results.

Trump has refused to concede to Biden after news organizations projected on Saturday that the former vice president was the winner of the presidential race.

At the same time, Trump is planning a new political action committee that will allow him to raise money for federal election candidates, and his campaign has stepped up fundraising efforts for an “election defense taskforce.”

The result is a growing sense that in defeat, Trump is carrying on in the same way that he governed — in a state of perpetual campaign.

Washington’s rally is called the “Million Maga March,” according to the group on Twitter, which is calling on protesters to gather at midday.

10 thoughts on “Trump organizing Million Maga March in Washington”

    1. Since I can’t be there, I’ll be there in spirit. MAGA 2020
      I hope everyone is careful, ANTIFA might be there to cause trouble, stay safe.

  1. I have a few thoughts on this election mockery:
    1) This should be investigated as it seems to me that there were plenty of things that were dodgy. But it will go nowhere. Rules only apply if you are conservative. The end always justifies any means if you are liberal.
    2) If the election were to be overturned and Trump declared winner, tens of thousands will die in violent protests. Mostly rioters, so really a net gain for the country haha! I’ll be stocking up on ammo quite frankly.
    3) If the election is not overturned, I hope that states will see that many crooked things took place and go back to ID-required, in-person elections to prevent this crap from happening again.
    4) Can you imagine the landslide if the republicans were to have presented a candidate like Reagan?
    5) Trump blew it because he just had to be an a$$hole.

    1. I sincerely doubt if Reagan would have done better than Trump. I do not think anyone would have overcome all of the cheating. Hopefully the courts will be able to clean up this election mess before December but I doubt if there is enough time. Trump is not as a$$hole. One has to be every outspoken to keep from betting shutout by the media; unfortunately, that needs to occur due to the so called nes services.

  2. Has anyone noticed how, even with an apparent WIN, the left is still not satisfied, not calm, not cheerful? They are appalled that half the country disagrees with them. Whoopi says our side should buck up, take our medicine, “like they did”. Har har har.

    I am not happy about the looming outcome of this Presidential election, but a small part of me is giggling as the left ties themselves up in a knot. Its entertaining.


  3. I hope people that are conservatives will stop the criticism of the President. He has done an excellent job for many of this country. Whenever my husband used to make comments about his tweets, etc. I tell him “that’s why you’re not the President”. He no longer complains;) We are very lucky the President not a quitter.

  4. keep up the honest journalism…thank you for supporting the President…let’s clean up this deep state attempt to overthrown the government of this Country …treason…President Trump is right…

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