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Katy Perry slammed for urging reconciliation with Trump supporters

Just an example of how hollow Joe Biden’s words about unifying the country are, even if he thinks he means them.

And where was he anyway when his fellow Democrats were tearing the country apart with endless investigations of the president based on little to no evidence? And what has he said about the surveillance of the Trump campaign and the FISA requests by his own administration after Trump was elected?

But now that he believes he is about to hold power, he wants peace, love, and understanding to break out. Of course.

5 thoughts on “Katy Perry slammed for urging reconciliation with Trump supporters”

  1. If Katy is surfing the internet looking for her name, this is for her:
    We don’t want or need your kind of “love”, and we will continue with our beliefs in a civilized society where children are welcomed, where hard work is not penalized, where different religious beliefs are allowed, and where name=calling, threatening words, or hatred is considered un-American.
    Save your “love” for people who think like you do.

    1. Thinking about it just made me angrier.
      Years of being called racists, everything-phobe, horrible people can’t be erased by a simple message of love.
      Where’s the love for the people who lost their jobs for saying the wrong thing, who will step up and love the people who had their businesses destroyed forever, where is the love for friends and family who were shunned for years because of their support for the POTUS?
      PresidentTrump and his extended family aren’t the only ones who suffered greatly by lies and hatred – we did, too.
      I’ll stop now.

  2. Remember those warnings about riots, protests, and white supremacists with AK47s in the streets if Trump lost?
    Uh, that never happened… which makes us wonder, who WERE those people rioting, looting, cheering on BLM, Antifa..before election day, for months in 2020.. in Seattle, NYC, Chicago, Detroit, etc…
    Now we have proof of where they came from….yep.

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