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Libertarians may have thrown the election to Biden

Just as the Greens hurt Al Gore in 2000, it looks like the libertarians may have cost President Trump the election.

According to an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal:

Did the Libertarian Party throw the election to Joe Biden? Maybe. At this writing nominee Jo Jorgensen’s vote total exceeds Mr. Biden’s margin over President Trump in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania, enough to change the outcome.

In 2000 the Green Party was accused of ruining things for the Democrats. Did Ralph Nader throw the election from Al Gore to George W. Bush? The cognoscenti are still divided, but the 2020 parallels are strong. Probably most Green voters would have gone Democratic if forced into a binary choice. Similarly, on the Libertarian-O-Meter, Mr. Trump scores much higher than Mr. Biden.

I just marvel are Republicans and others on the right or center-right who were willing to do things that resulted in Joe Biden being elected. Is leftism the better alternative to President Trump?

7 thoughts on “Libertarians may have thrown the election to Biden”

  1. Maybe possible Libertarian votes went to Joe, that’s their right. However, nothing can hide the fact that there’s flagrant and massive acts of voter fraud being committed by Democrats, in multiple cities and states. The Supreme Court needs to rule on this, and the media has no business referring to Biden as “president elect.”

    Where is Bill Barr, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and Ronna McDaniel? Where is VP Mike Pence? Why aren’t any of these people speaking out, SHOUTING OUT? I’ve contacted many of them, yet we get crickets.

    1. Agree. The reason Joe Biden has been declared the winner by the media has NOTHING to do with Libertarians. It has everything to do with Democratic voter fraud.

    2. Bingo! You nailed it like Martin Luther on the church door. However, Mitch made a pretty good speech backing Trump in the Senate yesterday — it MAY be on YouTube. And Barr says the DoJ is ‘investigating’ reports of voter fraud. I’d say that has at least as much credibility as anything Eric Holder ever told Congress.

  2. Mitt Romney voted Biden. As Oklahoma Lady and Keith wrote we all have the right to our vote, but socialism isn’t a better option than America!

    Libertarians will regret their vote in time.

    The problem is this has become a two branch government. The president with his executive orders, and the court deciding on those Executive orders. Congress has been useless since 2000. That’s why the presidential election in my opinion has become so important.

  3. First, the Libertarians voted for Jorgensen, not Biden. Blame the Biden voters for any looming mess.

    Second, many Libertarians used to vote for Republicans, but now do not trust their cowardly and spendthrift ways. The Never Trumpers and the “Lincoln Project” cost the GOP a lot of LP votes. In turn, the Democrats have long been control freaks with contempt for constitutional checks and rights. In time, the Republicans might regain some trust, with candidates and policies that are consistent, prudent, respectful and humble, but such qualities are entirely outside the Democrats’ values.

    Libertarians are humans – if treated poorly year after year, they will stay far away from you, even when you finally cry “socialist wolf!” Don’t blame them for the mess created by the other 98% of the voters. In Montana in 2018 the Libertarian candidate in a tight Senate race saw that the Democrat was corrupt. He actually withdrew and encouraged the voters to elect the Republican candidate. Did the Republicans respond with class or respect or thanks? No. The independent voters noted this and thus the Republicans lost by more votes.

    To earn back some of the trust, invite the LP and GP candidates to debates, and demand news coverage of their views, even if you disagree with them. Until then, the antagonism is just hurting the GOP and the nation, and is contrary to our shared political values.

    A calm and competent adult ran for president in 2020. Those who ignored her affirmed the adage that “each nation has the government that it deserves.”

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